Sports Injury Therapy, Treatment & Sports Massage in Warwick, Coventry & Warwickshire

If you suffer stiffness or lack of movement in your joints, back, neck or shoulders and can't seem to find a solution, give Physio at Warwick a call today.

Suffering from back pain or joint trauma? Been injured playing sport?

We provide physiotherapy and deep tissue massage services to suit your individual needs, whether it's an injury you've just picked up, a niggle you've suffered from for a number of years or a regular maintenance programme to help prevent future issues, contact Physio at Warwick today.

Why choose Physio at Warwick?

Physio at Warwick are centrally located in Warwickshire and have a strong reputation with both clients and the medical profession. Having been here for many years, clients come from all over, but our location means we are particularly well placed for people living in the Warwickshire and Coventry area (Warwick, Leamington Spa, Kenilworth, Stratford-upon-Avon etc.).

Our Specialist Physiotherapy Services

Sports Injuries

Physiotherapy is hands-on, manual therapy, recognised as being one of the best approaches to treatment of the joints, muscles, nerves, tendons and ligaments, and therefore is ideal for the treatment of sports injuries.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain

TheraflexTM  excels in the treatment of deep tissue pain, like that experienced on the back, neck and shoulders. It does this by mobilising the spine combined with deep tissue massage.

Stiffness & Joint Pain

Massage can relieve the pains caused by the stress and strain of everyday life, helping  you move better, relieve pain and make daily tasks and activities, like walking, getting in and out of bed and  going up and down stairs, so much easier.


TheraflexTM therapy is a specialist therapy that uses a hand-held machine for vertebral mobilisation. TheraflexTM  provides the patient with complete mobilisation to leave a supple spine, thus leaving the spine less prone to injury.


Theraflex is a physical manipulation or mobilisation has long been accepted by physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors to be the primary treatment for mechanical disorders of the spine and vertical mobilisation is the movement of individual segments of the spine to increase the mobility of the spinal column.

Learn more about Theraflex here

Theraflex, Massage therapy Warwick UK

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